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Stalwart Actuaries has a reach in at least 20 Member States with an initial trajectory to capture the West African and Eastern Markets where there is favourable actuarial work.

Here is a look at our management team...


To be the leading specialist and actuarial service provider to the local, regional and continental clients.


Actuarial Valuations on Defined Benefit (DB) Schemes | Actuarial reviews on Defined Contribution (DC) Funds | Commutation Investigations and Continuous Mortality Investigations (CMI) | Pension Increase investigations | Funding and Solvency Investigations | Contribution and Setting up of Pension Funds|Mergers and Acquisitions Investment Consulting | Asset Liability Modelling for Solvency II and Banking Risk | Premium Setting and General Insurance Reserving | Trustee training and Employee benefit consultancy | Compliance Reporting



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Stalwart Actuaries

Plot 5694 Kafubu Road Kalundu, Lusaka

T: +26 0979 259 499

E: admin@stalwartactuaries.com

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